Celebrating Jesus Birthday

Today we are going to be celebrating Jesus’ birthday. The kids have been so excited about Christmas. The doors are decorated. Our donated tree is decorated with decorations made in the classrooms by little hands, and the star on top of the tree shines with the help of aluminum foil. They are so proud of their tree. The stockings have been decorated by the little hands and hung with care. Of course they are waiting the arrival of Santa. Today our Christmas party will be about the true meaning of Christmas starting with the kids singing happy birthday to Jesus, listening to the Bible story about his birth and all of us sharing ice cream cake in celebration. The wide eyes, giggles, chatter and laughter bring out the true meaning of Christmas. We have created a bond of new friendships that have really grown. The caring and kindness for each other shows even through the bumps we’ve had along the way. We are not perfect, but we all children of God. We are Blessed!


Dec. 20, 2018  We did more decorating with the anticipation of our Christmas party coming in the afternoon. Benson’s Lakeside brought a beautiful meat and cheese tray to have along with crackers for our afternoon snack. After the school kids arrived we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and placed all their shoes walking towards our beautiful  Christmas tree covered with ornaments the kids had made representing us walking with Jesus. We all got to enjoy an ice cream cake . Our cake said “Happy Birthday Jesus”.  Just playing, reading books, singing and doing funny exercise videos together is what makes us laugh and enjoy the moments.




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